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The Monthly Yodeler


Howdy Folks!

As you know I’ve had a very busy and creatively successful year making things happen that have been dangling on my to-do list for years. Like publishing my book.  And updating my website. As a matter of fact, I’ve updated my whole business. Kristen Caven Design is now Cowgirl Creative! (Re-”branding” is so cowgirl, don’t you think?)

Please take a minute to check out my brand new website,! (Note - it’s NOT a .com! .co is apparently the next big thing...)  If you are a client, you may find yourself promoted in one of the Services pages, or in the General Store. (Isn’t that widget COOL?) If you are a designer or marketer, you may find yourself listed as one of my Pardners. (I have long wanted to promote my business, but I’ve also feared doing so because it’s hard to keep up with the work. So I’ve linked to some other businesses I know who may be able to help if I can’t.) This is a website built to be in a constant state of flux and flow.

You might also poke around the Policies, to make sure we’re on the same page with our working agreements. The only thing that has really changed is theat retainer services now come in 4-month subscriptions and I prefer to do them via credit card.

Although I may get busy and forget, it is my hope to send this newsletter out monthly to my clients, with this message:

What are we doing next month? Let me know!

(It’s a link to a form that will help me schedule my work better.)

You may use the form now to let me know if there is anything I can do for you now - or plan for in 2011. December is coming and I try to schedule a vacation to be with my family, so heads up on that.

Yee haw,
Kristen is the new ‘company mail’. is for me (and in the future there may be other cowgirls.) is still my favorite!