Why Get a Facebook Page?

These days “word of mouth” is something that happens primarily online, and most often via social media. Facebook is the web’s largest social network, with over 500 million users and the fact is “the use of social networking is booming for users of all ages.” Facebook is also widely accessible in these modern times, thanks to the use of smartphones, etc. A Facebook page can help hundreds to thousands to millions more people see your business... and hopefully come to your website!

On Facebook, profiles are a personal way for individual people to connect with friends, family, etc, but pages are a way for businesses and artists to interact with communities. With a Facebook Page, you can educate fans about what you do with news and updates posted on your wall, host giveaways, add photos and videos, and link to your website and other relevant information. Musicians, you can spread your music, gain fans, post gigs, and even sell music. Unlike a profile where you chat and share personal news only with friends you know, Facebook Pages allow an unlimited number of fans to “like” you. You can also embed a nifty “like” button on your website or blog!

How the Cowgirl Can Help:

We can help you maintain a professional presence on Facebook, engage users, and connect the page to your website as well as other social networking sites (Twitter, Linkedin, etc) and web presences (Youtube Blogs, etc.), drawing Facebook fans to explore your music/work/art/books further.

Facebook is an amazing social platform, but it can be overwhelming and confusing for many! Let us help. Using the information, music, graphics, photos you already have on your website, or new stuff you send us, we can build a fully customized Facebook Page for you in an afternoon, and we'll teach you how to use it.

We can help with upkeep, too, since new news is what keeps people looking at your page. For a small fee, we can add weekly posts to your page. You can email us the info you wish to post – updates, thoughts, events, new music, artwork, anything! Or we can highlight information on your page that's already there.

Musicians: We can also customize your Facebook page to showcase your music to your fans. We will add an application such as iLike, BandPage, ReverbNation, etc. to Facebook, showcasing featured songs for fans to preview, videos, upcoming events, and more! Fans can fully interact with this tab, and you can even promote new albums with a free featured mp3 or just showcase 30 or 90 second clips of your music with links to buy on iTunes. See a sample here.

We can also set up an advertising account on Facebook. They have different payment options for advertising around Facebook so that Facebook users interested in other pages similar to yours will see and click on your page.
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