Tips n' Tricks

Some writing, design, and business tricks, tips, and links I keep in my holster n' saddlebags...

Learn your apple-ABCs...

If you've got a mac, get to know the apple (command) key. If you've got a PC, learn to love the Ctrl key. A=select all. B=bold. C=copy. V=paste. And Z is the most important of all: UNDO! A quick command-Z can save you from a heart attack in most programs. Try all the letters out and see what you learn. Or pay attention to the 'secret codes' in the drop-down menu bars.

Lose the "loose"

Even highly educated people make misspellings that make them look less than intelligent in writing. Like using "loose" when you mean "lose" (loose is the opposite of tight). Here are the top ten mistakes. Learn what your own are. Oh, and here's a way to...

Brush up on your apostrophes!

Take this little test... easier for a third grader than a grownup!

Choosing a color palette

Pick your favorite color from this generator and it will show you a bunch of other colors that will look good with it.

Ignore letters in the mail about your domain name.

Get to know the name of your domain provider (GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.) and ignore anything you might get in the mail from anyone else.

Keep a neat business file

From time to time I will send you art or information to keep on file. You are responsible for keeping track of your accounts!

Plan ahead

Google Docs are a great way to collaborate on documents and checklists. I like sharing a to-do list with all my clients. Those who have an ongoing marketing plan and good routines are the ones who are making money.